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Adverstising In Pet Food, Yeah Right!

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Advertisingdon’t trust what they say, educate yourself.

Commercials from businesses that flaunt how their pet food in the best in the industry have flooded television sets and radio stations. They will also probably use a picture of the cutest dog or cat you’ve ever seen, a breed that’s common and many will be able to say “Oh! That looks like our dog, or our cat” and the consumer will feel in tune with the ad, as if it were specifically talking to them. Don’t fall for it! Advertising is meant to do just that. To pull you in. Instead, educate yourself on the most appropriate pet care that will lead to a healthy and happy animal.

The reality is, organizations in the pet food business attempt to find ways to sell off things that should otherwise would have been thrown in the trash bin. Leftover bones, the bad parts of meat, grain hulls, and things of that sort, are some of the ingredients ground together to produce pet food. Of course, you would never know by looking at it. All it looks like to you is chunks of brown. And your pet is probably gobbling it up. So, what’s the harm? The truth is, if it is unsuitable for a human to consume, then it is most likely unsuitable for a pet to consume either. The important question is; if you couldn’t sell it to me, why would you want to sell it to my dog? That’s ludicrous.

The most common health problems facing our pets are caused by an incorrect diet. It is terrifying to see what really goes into pet food. Take dry food for example; let me tell you how most of it is made; a chunk, a kibble as we know it, mostly composed of corn and liquid meat, is cooked at a very high temperature. This will convert it to become soft and soggy. After drying in moving ovens, fat is then sprayed, in order to make it palatable and add an important ingredient, fat. One of the worst things in what I have just described is that it has been cooked. The process of cooking the meal kills off enzymes and chemicals that are responsible for many vital metabolic processes. With a pet’s digestion, especially dogs, occurring in the stomach, the food structure alteration makes it harder for the dog to digest, especially when the ingredients are indigestible to begin with. How do you know this, look at the size of the stool, garbage in, garbage out.  The second worst thing, is the over concentration of starches or grains that it contains.

The most advisable foods for pets are those that you prepare at home . Then, why in the world is this blog from a pet food guy preaching raw food? Since 1995, I have always lectured on the benefits of raw food, prepared by you! Why in the world would you be paying $5-$10 a pound of what you were lead to believe was meat, when its meat and grain and starch and who know what else in a “roll” similar to bologna or salami. Would you eat those “meats” everyday????

But, in this crazy world we try, yes, try to do what fits into our lifestyle and make it work for all concerned. So, I know for almost 20 years now the combination of Viand and raw foods works like a charm! How, my customers talk to me regularly and we have a relationship based on trust and open communication. The balance of all the micro-nutrients, fats, concentrated meat (Viands’ meats are in meal form, that's very concentrated meat, up to 80% protein), which Viand delivers added with the energy and vitality of the raw food, have produced vibrant animals for pet owners over these years that live healthy, long lives.  If that’s too much for you, then Viand alone will support and properly nourish your pet for years and years, which my thousands of customers can attest to.

You can include natural raw foods are those such as meaty bones, internal organs from chicken, lean muscle meat, and lamb, beef, rabbit and pork along with poultry products such as eggs; cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk and butter whenever possible and are advisable. Fish inclusive of fatty fish such as herring, salmon, and sardines would also be a good idea. To balance off the meals, add some vegetables in the mix. Some spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and parsnips would constitute a well composed meal.

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