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Detox Your Dog

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Just like humans, dogs are benefited by a good detox. Cleansing your pet will keep him younger in spirit, increase his energy, and boost overall health. But, unlike humans, a pet cannot simply opt to drink water and cranberry juice for a few days, they need help to detox.

To help your pet detox his system, change his diet for 2 weeks, following the below regimen:

  • Day 1-2: Broth Fast Feed your pet only beef or chicken broth, supplying as much as the pet desires
  • Day 3-4: Small Raw Diet Feed a mixture of 80% raw meat and 20% chopped leafy greens, at the quantity of 1 cup for every 70lbs weight per day
  • Day 4-14: Full Raw Diet Increase the raw mixture to 1 cup for every 35lbs
  • Day 15+ Viand Pet Food Now that your pet has reduced the toxins in his system, you can supplement his diet with Viand's Unleash or Activator. This perfectly balanced mix of natural ingredients will help ease digestion, control yeast for a more balanced immune system, and maintains the health of the skin, eyes, muscle tone, and hair.

Make sure to track your pet’s daily progress. Remarkable changes can occur in attitude and physical well being, which you would not want to miss.

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