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Cats And Exercise

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Are you worried about whether your cat should be more active? During the Winter, it can be increasingly difficult to encourage even the most active indoor/outdoor cat to move around. Once they feel that freezing cold air, they’re running away to hide.

Cats are blessed with a high metabolism, so unlike us, they can get away with sleeping all day. But, they do still need exercise, just like we do. It tones their muscles, helps them to maintain their body weight and keeps their minds occupied (so there’s less chance they’ll be pulling up the carpet!)

Try to play with your cat for at least 15 minutes every day. You might already know the things that will get your cat going, so try experimenting with something different, and change the game.  Cats love anything that reminds them of hunting, fake mice or feathered balls are great for getting their attention. Of course, they wouldn’t be a cat if they weren’t fussy, so if they’re not responding, then give something else a go.

Cats are also keen climbers. If you haven’t already, you could buy large scratching posts or a cat jungle gym. If those are too expensive for you, don’t worry because you can always experiment with making one of your own. Set up a couple of boxes or wide plastic tubes for them to climb through. Try filling them with scrunched up balls of paper to give them something to bat around. If you do plan on making your cat something from household objects, just be careful you don’t leave out anything that could be a choking hazard.

Playing with your cat isn’t just about giving them their allotted amount of exercise, it’s also a great opportunity to bond with your cat. So, we hope you all have lots of fun with your cats at home.


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