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A Healthy New Year, 2 And 4 Legged...

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Regardless of how good we’re doing with our pets’ health, or our own; let’s all make this coming year a year of vibrant health for all. Whether you choose a commercially available diet for your 4 legged buddies, whether you prepare your pets’ diet at home (at whatever level that you feel is correct for you) a lesson we should subscribe to is that…”Less is Best”.

Letting their systems rest periodically can have tremendous benefits. Many over indulge our pets in various ways which sometimes backfires. Excessive toys, treats, clothing, etc., which may seem as rewards, yet just complicate some matters.

So, this year may we all participate in a year of health, adding some fresh food to theirs and our diet, using fresh vegetables as treats, getting a bit more exercise ( ok, go out for a walk more often) so that theirs and our miraculous bodies can be the best they can be. Simple, smart solutions make the most sense.

The miracle of life with all of the many complex systems, of digestion, of healing, and of focus, all need some nourishing. If the smallest aspect of one of these functions should fail, the quality of life, as we know it, would change or cease to exist. So, lets keep the energy flowing, not only diet-wise, but  emotionally and spiritually, a good year to all!


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