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Vitamin B, B Free, Because

Posted by Scott Pollak on

What is vitamin B and why should I introduce this into my animals body? How many different B’s are there and do I need them all?

Good questions and timing is everything. So, read on, and I’ll be offering a deal on our B Complex later on, but first what’s the deal with B?

There are a lot of B’s, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic acid), B6 (Pyridoxine), B8 (Biotin), which all in one way or another assist the body to perform its duty in sustaining life. To ensure that your pet is receiving enough balanced B, even though they are listed on many pet food labels, your pet may not be receiving all they require due to the manufacturing process of that specific diet.

Now, the following list of disorders are possible signs of a B deficiency and are not listed to scare you, but as a way to inform you. The symptoms may be scary in extreme cases and the sound of them alone are one of the many ways the advertising community and professionals “inform you,” but many times it creates a havoc and uncertainty with consumers, which establishes a sense of insecurity and sells you into going with what they say rather than you evaluating the situation and determining for yourself what may be introduced or not.

Signs include can include some of the following;  in-coordination, weakness, seizures, and nerve damage. Brain damage can occur from severe deficiency (sometimes caused by a diet of raw fish, which contains thiaminase.) Signs can also include decreased reproductive performance, dry skin, weakness, and anemia.

Okay, now that has passed and you’re wondering why am I even bringing this to your attention. The fact remains that as we age, our bodies don’t function as well and this is true with our pets. So, until April 15, 2015 when you order from, (minimum purchase of $75), add a bottle of B Complex ( B Complex Powder or B Complex Tablet ) into your bowl and then upon checkout use the coupon code BFREE in the coupon field, click apply and it will credit you the $19 for the B Complex making it free (offer one per customer within the period specified).

Take this opportunity to, not only help your pet, but take advantage of Spring and the seasonal change (thank you, enough snow!) and while I got your attention, remember spring cleaning is only a month or so away and you  know me, in order to keep your pet healthy and vibrant, the cleansing diet is around the corner, more to come soon, but while you’re here, take a sneak peak. Either way you’ll prepare yourself for what should be done 2x a year to help your pet regain its natural strength and regain lost vitality.

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