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Posted by Scott Pollak on

As the pet population is experiencing tremendous growth here in America as well as many areas in the world, the health problems seem to continue to plague our pets. As science appears to be continually working on finding either causes or diagnosing symptoms, most diseases become established when a chemical imbalance impairs the body’s immune capabilities. Simple, logical common sense observations, which we can apply to our own lives as well. The most common way chemicals are introduced is through foods. These chemicals accumulate over time and can compromise cells, tissues, and organ systems. Chemicals are not the only factor in compromising an otherwise healthy immune system, environmental factors, lack of exercise or genetics are also issues, which are of concern.

An animal naturally defends itself by producing antibodies when digesting an inappropriate diet. This can lead to imbalances and illnesses and a doggie odor we have come to accept as normal. Ingredients, which are in an imbalance, chemically enhanced, artificially flavored, colored or something large stools prove, mostly indigestible.

The cure is simple: The purer the food, the less the chemical assault. A healthy animal is more disease resistant and can expect to live longer and happier when fed a diet, which is purer.

To achieve a healthy immune system you need building blocks of properly digested, high-quality food. Of course, I believe along with 17 years of experience that  when you feed a diet of Viand alone or with raw foods, it has proven itself thousands of times that within weeks to a few months you’ll see an increase in the overall health and vitality of your animal.

Maintaining this way of feeding can ensure the health continues. A tip for everyone, seasonal cleansing or a detox regimen is strongly recommended for your pet at any stage of their life to re-balance their natural immune system.

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