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Watch Your Relatives At Holiday Time

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Holiday season is upon us, and though we know our pets really well, how well do we know our relatives! Kidding aside as our relatives and friends descend upon us this season, we must be sure that they don’t treat Fido to people treats. Most of us know about raisins, chocolate, and onions, not that they would be on the coffee table to nibble on, but nonetheless let’s place candy out of reach for our pets. Avoid placing candy on the coffee table or end tables where dogs can get them and be sure to put away the packages in the cupboard after you have filled the bowl. We’re all very busy having a great time, so be mindful as to what your pet needs as well. If your dog gets a bit hyper with a house full of people, you may want to seek some homeopathic remedies, which can lessen the stress. Another common practice during stressful times is to feed your pet less food; therefore, giving his system less work while his level of awareness is heightened. The amount of treats you’ll be rewarding him for being so good can sometimes add up to a meal's worth of food, so let’s not overfeed. Dog treats are great, but after 63 times of doing the same trick, I think your pet's stomach may be a bit sore.  We don’t want to wake up to any "special surprises" around the house the next morning, right? If you’re not familiar with certain foods that may cause some upset bellies or even might be toxic to your pet, here’s a quick list;  Alcoholic beverages, Apple seeds, Apricot pits, Avocados, Cherry pits, Candy (particularly chocolate—which is toxic to dogs, cats, and ferrets—and any candy containing the sweetener Xylitol) Coffee (grounds, beans, and chocolate-covered espresso beans), Grapes, Hops (used in home beer brewing), Macadamia nuts, Moldy foods, Mushroom plants, Mustard seeds, Onions and onion powder, Peach pits, Potato leaves and stems (green parts), Raisins, Rhubarb leaves, Salt, Tea (because it contains caffeine) Tomato leaves and stems (green parts), Walnuts, Xylitol, and Yeast dough.

A quick Google search can provide you with many sources of these types of lists, so you can print one out and post it on the refrigerator door for all to see. You can even put a skull and crossbones next to the candy dish to deter anyone from eating it, but that’s a bit much. Just be sure that the little tikes visiting, know the differences between people treats and doggie treats and all can be sure to have a great stay and enjoy the time with friends, family, and our loved four-legged family members.

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