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Doggy Bag... And Not The Restaurant Kind

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Dogs make “messes”. They leave “gifts”. They poop, crap, and leave pies, fertilizer, night soil, and ordure. And, they need you to clean it up.

When picking up poops, a good doggy bag can be your greatest companion. Though some opt to use grocery and newspaper bags, they are often too large and contain surprise holes, leaving your fingers exposed. What you need is a good quality doggy bag, and here are some tips to find the right bag for your needs:

  1. Biodegradable: Why contribute to landfills when it isn’t necessary? Biodegradable bags offer you the protection of a clean pick-up, and are made to break down over time.
  2. Handles: Some dog bags are just sleeves, making it difficult to tie up. Handles make it cleaner to walk around with the ‘dirty’ until it you can find a trash can.
  3. Dog Sized: If the bag is too large, you could be walking around with a sloppy mess. Too small, there isn’t enough protection for the pick-up. Right sized bags will give you peace of mind.
  4. Scented: Why smell like ‘dung’ when you don’t have to?!

We at Viand Pet recommend Scoopy Poopy Bags, Not only are they biodegradable, have handles, are perfect sized and scented, but they are also non-toxic and “Woofing Cool”.

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