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Dogs Are Naturally Thin Creatures

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Low calorie dog food?

Just as we all have been trained or conditioned by our food providers, we believe that eating the same amount of food, but those low in calories and fat will actually make us lose weight, we carry this belief over to our loved pets world believing they too can eat a lot of food as long as we make sure it’s low calorie. NOT true!

A light food is really just empty calories, which are more difficult to digest or process thereby developing a slower digestive tract, which ultimately results in an animal, which is heavy and looking fat!  Just look around a dog park or someone walking a fat, yes, fat dog and I’ll bet they’re on a “Light” formula or “special” diet.

So, what is a better solution? Less amounts of a better food! Simple again, K.I.S.S., keeping it simple works. A food richer in nutrients and easier to digest will be absorbed and utilized far better than a weaker food. Dogs are thin creatures in nature, not because they are starving, but rather when they do eat, they digest easier and move on seeking their next meal. They are active and focused, just what healthy happy dogs are when we choose what’s best for them by providing highly digestible diets (look at their stool size that tells all) and giving them opportunities to stay active.

So, sometimes feeding a bit more frequently with less volume will create a thinner, happier, and healthier dog or cat.

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