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Calming Dog Food...Really?

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Guess what they came out with now, Calming dog formula!!??? Boy, have we reached a new low in the industry as for as how we engage, share, and manage relationships with our pets’. I understand the occasional need for a medical, even a psychological intervention when we’re at a loss concerning the correct care for our pets’ physical and or emotional well-being.  BUT, now a manufacturer is promoting a diet with additives whether natural, chemical or pharmaceutical to cause a calming impact on the animals’ state, REALLY!

Why don’t we just start to separate large dog calming food with a small dog calming food, why not?  More shelf space, more prescriptions more of more, isn’t that what makes the economy as well as the neurosis perpetuate?

That’s not what I have been prescribing for almost 20 years now, in fact, I’ve been offering ways and methods of simplifying the need of intervention on our part while increasing your, the pet owners, awareness of the many easy ways to keeping your pets healthy and alive by common sense principles.

It’s funny how 20 years ago, I was advised not to attempt to offer pet food and guidelines for a healthier pet based upon common sense, as it was believed that common sense didn’t exist any longer. I guess watching politics and many worldwide movements these days maybe common sense is truly a rarity. But, until very recently several news programs mentioned some politicians are using the phrase “common sense laws” and that it may actually be on the rise as municipalities are questioning some laws or regulations that just don’t make sense anymore and need to be revisited.

So, all I ask of you is to be aware, and if something doesn’t make sense, whether it’s from a certified professional with a staff of 15, a very touching emotional loving commercial or just reading a label, ask yourself, does it make sense to throw another bandage on the symptom or address the cause.

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