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Housebreaking A Puppy

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Dogs are wonderful companions and there can be nothing more exciting than getting a new puppy home. However, his initial few days in the house can be quite challenging for both you and him. House-training your puppy from the very first day; therefore, becomes absolutely essential. It requires some efforts and yes, a lot of patience. But, if you truly love your dog and are prepared to train him, then it can be a lot easier.

The first thing to do when you begin to house-break your puppy is to try and build a habit. You need to make sure that you take your puppy out to do his business at fixed timings. Puppies relieve themselves about six times in a day and about 30 minutes after their meals. It would, therefore, require you to make sure that you take him out after his meals, early in the morning when he gets up and in the night before he goes to bed. The catch is to make sure that you do this on fixed timings and that you do this every day. You have to be consistent in your efforts. Only when this is done daily and constantly and at fixed timings, will the puppy begin to pick up what is required of him.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you take him to only one specified location when you take him out for his business. It is important to keep the location same since changing spots would confuse him and he would not know where to go the next time he feels like excreting. Also, make sure that the spot you decide on is friendly and makes him feel safe.

Dogs understand your behavior and emotions and they realize when you are angry or happy. It would, therefore, also help if you praise your puppy when he does the right thing.  So, next time, when he obeys you and goes out to urinate with you, appreciate him with little hugs or little pats and tell him that he did a great job. You should also try and be aware of little dog hints. Dogs usually circle around before peeing. You can, therefore, tell from their behavior and take them out immediately when you find your puppy doing this. You can also use some specific words or phrases every time you take him out with you and want him to defecate.

And, if and when he pees inside, make sure to clean the floor with natural and safe to use cleansers that take away the odor from the spot. This is necessary since dogs usually have a tendency of urinating at the same spot again if they smell a urine-like odor.

House-breaking your puppy could take some time, but once it is done properly, you are sure to get a dog that is obedient and compliant. You just need to keep working with him with patience and love and soon he will figure his way, not only to the right spot, but to your heart as well.

A recent tip a friend told me that worked great was where they hung a string of bells by the door (the door they used to take the dog out) and just as they opened the door, they rang the bells, it didn’t take too long where when their lovable puppy wanted to go out, he went over and rang the bells himself; Brilliant!

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