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Keep Them Healthy And You'll Get Love!

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Is your dog healthy?

  • Pet him; now give your hand a smell……WHOA!

Did you know that dogs don’t have a natural odor; rather if there is an odor, it’s because of the release of toxins through their pores.

Granted, when wet, they have an odor like your sweater, but that goes away.

So, stinky dog, NOT!

  • Does your dog; ah, how can I say this, pass gas?

People think that too is natural; well, it is if you don’t digest what you’re eating as it may be just, indigestible

Garbage in; garbage out… and boy is that sometimes large!

  • Look at their eyes, they should be white and clear, not red or pink…..

These simple observations will tell you quickly if your pet is healthy, or at least a glimpse into their well-being.

Since 1996 Viands clients’ pets have been exhibiting clear eyes, great coats, small stool, and no odor.

Vibrant, glowing healthy dogs and cats; it doesn’t get easier than that!

And, how do you receive their appreciation for the care you devote to them?

 LOVE, that’s how ; they just over power us with their love.

So, reap the benefits of a healthy pet and remember why you chose to share your life with them.


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