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Spring Time...Must Be Exercise Time Too!

Posted by Scott Pollak on

There are those whose pets who look no different from how their owners would on a day when they are going through their worst heart break, maybe have been in the same pair of sweatpants for weeks or have been drinking just a little too much wine. Some people’s dogs have lived this routine all their lives. But! Spring has come, it’s time to get up and exercise your dog!

Exercise is good for your dog because it keeps your dog healthy and agile. It helps to reduce digestive problems, as well as constipation, to a large extent. There are also several personality attributes that may be cultivated from exercise inclusive of shy and fearful dogs becoming more confident and able to trust others. Obviously, exercise helps to keep a dogs weight in control, but also it assists in the dogs sleeping patterns whereby instead of allowing him to be restless, exercise will help him be tired and sleep better.

Without exercise, one exposes a dog to several dangers. Due to the fact that they will be idle most of the time, they will begin to find pleasure in destructive tendencies such as digging or scratching. They will also adopt behaviours such as garbage raiding just to keep themselves busy and excited. Dogs who do not get enough exercise begin to seek more attention, thus you will notice an increase in barking or whining or scratching on doors. Rough play and aggressive behaviour become noticeable too, as well as a sense of hyperactivity.

The good news though is that the sun is shining, the park is dry, the leaves are scattered and everyone is also taking their dogs for short runs and games of fetch. This is the perfect time to take your dog out for exercise. Spring is a good time because it allows your dog to meet and interact with other dogs. A few barking challenges might happen here and there and you would find your dog becoming more confident and a little more friendly. Who knows! They also just might find a mate! Summer time is also the best, because it is also a conducive weather for you to go out too. You might just do a little exercise yourself, or read a book by the park, or join a few friends in a little chit-chat.

The important thing to note though is that you must keep four things in mind before you start exercising your dog. Firstly, ensure you know all the requirements of the breed of your dog as some might need you to take special care when exercising them. Secondly, other dogs have trouble breathing after strenuous activities, you should always take it easy with them and I would suggest light exercises to begin with. Thirdly, as not knowing what your brand of food you’re currently feeding, if it is one not providing proper calcium, your dog might be prone to having weak bones and joints, or they just may still be growing, so in all instances, start slowly. And lastly, smaller dogs do not require as much exercise as larger ones. All these would be great tips to keep in mind.

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