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Spring Time Itching

Posted by Scott Pollak on

So Cute, But Can be Stinky!

It’s the beginning of spring, it’s been a tough winter and it’s only natural for your pet to be doing “their thing,” eat grass, roll around (a lot), and maybe some behavior where they are trying to tell you something.

• Your dog does a wonderful job of diagnosing and treating himself. We’ve all observed dogs scratching, nibbling, licking, smelling or biting at different parts of their bodies.
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• If your dog does this, he is telling you something. If the behavior happens once or twice, there is no real need for concern… but if your dog repeatedly goes after the same spot, he is trying to stimulate the energy in a particular set of organs.

• Dog’s bodies are attuned to a state of balance, but a poor diet or a lifestyle without proper exercise, can throw-off this balance and leave your pup smelly and itchy, no matter how many baths he gets.

• As usual, the best treatment is a ensuring your dog has the best ingredients entering his body and performing a doggie-detox every few months is to remove any environmental toxins.

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